(Sound)Cloud 9! + Format Change

by Red ~ August 16th, 2016.

Hey Silph Fans!

We have been pretty dormant for a while, and we really apologize. Since I moved away, we all found it very difficult to find time to get together and talk about all things Digimon Pokemon. Blue also found it hard to commit to times, and is on hiatus for the time being, and will be popping up here and there as a guest appearance. With that said, Green and I would like to Welcome Mega Probopass into the fold as a full time Silph Caster!

Moving on…. Our big news right now is, We are now on Soundcloud! You guys can find us at www.soundcloud.com/silphcast.

There you can find our back catalogue which we now called SilphCast! Classic. (https://soundcloud.com/silphcast/sets/silphcast-classic)

Wait… SilphCast Classic you say?! That’s right. We have just launched a new format called “SilphCast! Watches them All!” (https://soundcloud.com/silphcast/sets/silphcast-watches-em-all) – Green will be adding more information and going into more depth about our format change. This will be placed into our final SilphClassic that we recorded before the format change.

Thank you all for your ears and support! We look forward to continuing to provide more laughs!


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