On the topic of Canadian Cartoons…

by Green ~ September 9th, 2014.

Well this is a little late but behold the artistic masterpiece that is Ned’s Newt mixed with Pokemon…

I humbly present: Ned’s Mudkip!

neds-mudkip neds-mudkip2

For those not in the know, Ned’s Newt was a Canadian cartoon that aired in the 90′s about a boy named Ned that wanted a pet.  When he got to the pet store all they had left was… y’know what the intro song pretty much tells you all you need to know.

Newton the newt as he was known, was essentially the genie from Alladin in newt form so the cartoon was filled with pop culture references which probably flew over a lot of kid’s head’s.

Just one of many fond childrens cartoons that Red, Blue and I watched as kids… if I find the time I may Pokemon-ify some more…

Green out!

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