(Sound)Cloud 9! + Format Change

by Red ~ August 16th, 2016

Hey Silph Fans!

We have been pretty dormant for a while, and we really apologize. Since I moved away, we all found it very difficult to find time to get together and talk about all things Digimon Pokemon. Blue also found it hard to commit to times, and is on hiatus for the time being, and will be popping up here and there as a guest appearance. With that said, Green and I would like to Welcome Mega Probopass into the fold as a full time Silph Caster!

Moving on…. Our big news right now is, We are now on Soundcloud! You guys can find us at

There you can find our back catalogue which we now called SilphCast! Classic. (

Wait… SilphCast Classic you say?! That’s right. We have just launched a new format called “SilphCast! Watches them All!” ( – Green will be adding more information and going into more depth about our format change. This will be placed into our final SilphClassic that we recorded before the format change.

Thank you all for your ears and support! We look forward to continuing to provide more laughs!



My Daughter Starts Her Pokemon Journey Today

by Blue ~ March 18th, 2015







Pokemon Horror Parody Poster 1

by Green ~ October 15th, 2014

Maybe there will be more posters, who knows…




by Green ~ October 15th, 2014

seriously, damn….

Cutest Jiggly Ever

Cutest Jiggly Ever


Pokemon Training Starts Here

by Blue ~ September 17th, 2014

Here’s my daughter. She’s already chosen here first starter! Thanks to Prof. Green for the gift!


On the topic of Canadian Cartoons…

by Green ~ September 9th, 2014

Well this is a little late but behold the artistic masterpiece that is Ned’s Newt mixed with Pokemon…

I humbly present: Ned’s Mudkip!

neds-mudkip neds-mudkip2

For those not in the know, Ned’s Newt was a Canadian cartoon that aired in the 90′s about a boy named Ned that wanted a pet.  When he got to the pet store all they had left was… y’know what the intro song pretty much tells you all you need to know.

Newton the newt as he was known, was essentially the genie from Alladin in newt form so the cartoon was filled with pop culture references which probably flew over a lot of kid’s head’s.

Just one of many fond childrens cartoons that Red, Blue and I watched as kids… if I find the time I may Pokemon-ify some more…

Green out!


McDonalds Canada Finally Gets Pokemon Happy Meal Toys

by Blue ~ September 4th, 2014

Picked these up today. Very pleased.



Found this at a construction site in our hometown. Not surprising…just wish we’d thought of it first.

by Blue ~ August 19th, 2014

diglet under construction


Delayed post E3 podcast.

by Green ~ June 17th, 2014

Unfortunately due to a slight kerfuffle with computer issues our original post E3 episode is lost to the annals of time… It’s ok though because Blue and I grabbed our friend Mega Probopass (did he really have to choose such a long name) to help in the making of a new episode.

Stay tuned Silph fans!

Technical difficulties

Technical difficulties


One thing I really want to see make a comeback in the ORAS remakes…

by Blue ~ May 28th, 2014

Specifically this button heartgold-interface